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Promote fullness of life and nurture excellence in learning

St Patricks College is a ReadCloud customer

Teaching & Learning strategy

The capabilities of ReadCloud’s offline learning platform provides students with the ability to challenge themselves both at school and at home.

Content strategy

ReadCloud provides a single login platform that enhances the learning environment by reducing friction.

Integrating digital tools

ReadCloud also embeds directly into SchoolBox, providing a seamless digital environment for students to access their resources.


Streamline Teaching and Learning


Caloundra State High School is a ReadCloud customer

Caloundra State High School

A future-orientated school that celebrates individual growth alongside academic success.


Cairns State High School is a ReadCloud customer

Cairns State High School

A large regional secondary school that is introducing ICT with the goal to support Teaching and Learning.


Remote learning with ReadCloud

We live in uncertain times. The unprecedented events that are unfolding around us highlight now, more than ever, the need for schools to forward plan and build learning contingency plans in the event of mass school closures of undefined duration.

The following paper aims to address and identify the various factors schools should consider in order to effectively establish, run and maintain remote learning for the staff, students and communities more broadly.